The healthiest health regimen is not tonic and exercise, or a word hungry!

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The healthiest health regimen is not tonic and exercise, or a word “hungry”!

Source: Health China (ID: YANGSHENG-CN), Hangzhou Daily reported that in the longevity factor of human beings, an essential factor is enough to be hungry.

Overeating, all diseases are born!

Many diseases are related to over-satisfaction.

For example, a cold, sometimes eat too much, accumulate food, and then get cold, it is easy to cause a cold.

After a cold, if you clear your stomach, moderately hungry, it will be easy to heal.

On the contrary, if you want to add nutrients, eat more things, increase your resistance, and the result will increase the cold.

Plus, most people have problems with spleen and stomach weakness.

Spleen deficiency and stomach cold are also caused by excessive diet.

The spleen and stomach have been in a state of overwork for a long time, and they have not been properly rested, and the function naturally fades.

Over time, it becomes a state of spleen and stomach.

Another example is diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, kidney disease, liver disease, sputum, senile dementia and other diseases, all of which are closely related to diet incontinence.

In “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics”, “the ancient naive theory”, told the posterity, if you want to get healthy and longevity, you must do “food and drink festival”; in the “Nei Jing” book with a detailed explanation, five flavors excessive damage to the five internal organs, tobacco and alcohol are very violent, easy to dissipate the vitality of life.

Modern medicine has proved that excessive tobacco and alcohol can cause damage to many organs in the body, resulting in more than 180 common and difficult diseases.

To solve the problem fundamentally, you still have to manage your mouth and hungry.

A similar situation, there are many.

One of the points often mentioned in the Taoist health regime is the “cloud”.

But what is absolutely visible is that you can eat less and eat seven full meals. This is indeed one of the consequences of a healthy body.

Eat early for dinner, it is best to eat 5 points. Many people think that they should eat when they are hungry at night.

Some people say that being hungry and not eating at night is the right way to keep fit.

Even Chinese medicine and Buddhism say: “No food in the afternoon.”

The so-called “noon” is 11 noon?
At 13 o’clock, after 13 o’clock, you can’t eat any more.

However, the time for modern people to sleep is obviously later than that of ancient times. It is certainly not possible to “eat dinner without eating.”

Therefore, we advocate everyone, it is best to solve the dinner before 7 o’clock in the evening, to avoid eating too late to bring disease to the body!

After 7 o’clock, the gold deposit of gastrointestinal digestion has passed, the gastric juice is reduced, and the gastric motility is worse.

At this time, “supplement” dinner, supplemented with normal dinner.

It is best to have only half of the normal dinner, which is 5 minutes full.

This feeling is “just eat fresh”, you must put down your chopsticks to stop.

If you eat too late or too full dinner, it will inevitably cause stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder, traces and other organs. It will continue to work during sleep and transmit information to the brain, so that the brain is always in a state of excitement, resulting in more dreams.,insomnia.

In the long run, it will cause diseases such as neurasthenia.

Appropriate hungry, you can let the body’s organs get rest from the mouth. In many cases, the disease does not happen because it is not enough, but because it eats too much.

In the medical books of many ancient people, they will be overeating, and the big fish and meat will be called “the food of the rotten sausage.”

Everyone wants to be healthy and long-lived. Then they need to follow the ancient teachings, and do “food and drink have festivals”. Five flavors can be used to raise the five internal organs, and happiness will enter from the mouth.

Enriching the spirit and enriching the body is the only way for modern people to maintain their health. Look at some nutritious books, such as the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic, Taoism, Confucianism, and Yijing.

These are all beneficial to our cultivation.

Let the spiritual world be more abundant; eat less big fish, big meat, tobacco and alcohol, and properly hungry; do some health exercises that are suitable for you, in order to maintain the body’s meridians, blood and blood, tissue and function are strong.

A healthy and good body can achieve the goal of longevity.

Hungry is a kind of health regimen that can “treat” all diseases and help longevity!
The spirit of richness and the poor body are the only way for modern people to maintain their health!
“Hungry” has many benefits, but one hungry may be a sign of illness.

This “hungry” is to eat and hungry quickly.

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