Old man’s foot swelling should be checked

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Old man’s foot swelling should be checked

The 70-year-old Grandpa of the Palace did not know what happened recently. Both feet were swollen and there was a tingling pain in the soles of the feet when walking.

Grandpa Gong thought that he was hurting his feet when he exercised, so he bought Futalin at home.

After three or four days, there is no quantification of swelling in both feet, and it is getting more and more painful.

In this regard, Zhao Dong, deputy director of the Department of Geriatrics at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, explained that foot swelling is a common phenomenon in the elderly. There are many causes of swollen feet, and many of them are signs of disease, so they should be treated seriously.

  Dr. Zhao introduced that there are five main types of foot swelling in the elderly.

Nutritional foot swelling is caused by the elderly eating less, and digestive function is weakened; idiopathic foot swelling, more common in older women, may be related to abnormal endocrine metabolism; inferior vena cava swollen, lower inferior vena cavaAs a result, often one foot is swollen; functional foot swelling, although not serious, can last for several years, and the cause is still unknown.

Finally, there is a swelling of the foot caused by systemic diseases, such as the elderly with high blood pressure, heart failure and kidney disease, and more foot swelling.

In addition, too much sodium intake, improper medication, and foot swelling caused by local infections such as beriberi often occur in the elderly.

  The clinical manifestations of foot swelling in the elderly are also different due to different reasons.

For example, the swelling of the foot is caused by gout. The big toe, the heel and the part will suddenly become red and swollen, the joints will be hot and the pain will be unbearable. If it is caused by renal failure, the eyes will appear and the face will be swollen and swollen.The back of the instep is lightly pressed, the swelling is concave, and the muscles lose their elasticity; if the heart disease causes the foot to swollen, the old man will have panic, asthma, suffocation and so on.

  Dr. Zhao suggested that the elderly should have swollen feet. They should go to the hospital for examination and find out the cause of the swollen foot.

If the foot is swollen and accompanied by high blood pressure, you should go to the hospital for orthopedic examination; if the face is also swollen, you should go to the Department of Nephrology; if you have palpitation, asthma, suffocation, you should go to the cardiology examination; if other symptoms are not obviousThe old man should go to the hospital for geriatric examination.

  Dr. Zhao pointed out that prevention of foot swelling must first prevent related diseases, some do not smoke, avoid large intake of sodium salt to prevent coronary heart disease.

The elderly should pay special attention to foot cleaning, warmth and nutrient intake.

Usually avoid diabetes, increase local exercise, and pay extra attention to control drug replacement.

If you have a swelling in your feet after taking a certain medicine, you should go to the hospital immediately.

If the foot is accompanied by severe pain, the old man should take some static exercise to avoid climbing, weightlifting and other exercises to prevent the symptoms from getting worse.