Top 10 ways to defend against office flu

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Top 10 ways to defend against office flu

Influenza rages in winter. Some people in the office have the flu and are susceptible to infection. But work must be continued. How to prevent flu?


Take medicine for prevention.

  For example, Rendan can refresh the mind, relieve heat and turbidity, and stop vomiting.

In the office, apply some oleoresin and drink plenty of water.


Drink some sunstroke cooling tea for prevention.

  You can drink some herbal tea in summer, some kind of “three leaves and three flowers” tea.

You can choose three kinds of leaves and three flowers to make herbal tea, and you can also choose two kinds of leaves.

If the constitution is cold, you can use lotus leaf and perilla leaf; if the constitution is too hot, you can choose light bamboo leaf, mulberry leaf and mint leaf.

If the constitution is cold, you can choose lentils, roses, plum (green petal plum) and Magnolia flowers; if it is too hot, you can put chrysanthemums, silver flowers.


Eat garlic and water spinach.

  Garlic has a very good bactericidal effect. One or two cloves of garlic can be eaten raw every day, which can also prevent cold infection.

If someone finds the taste very exciting, you can use the minced garlic to stir up the condiments.

Water spinach is cool and can relieve the heat.


Rest is important.

  Exercise regularly and don’t be overly tired, otherwise it will reduce the body’s immune function and cause colds.


Do not have physical contact with sick colleagues.

  It is almost impossible to avoid colleagues sneezing or coughing around you, but you can try to control yourself not to be in close contact with them in the office, especially to keep a distance from those colleagues who are sick; if you want to shake hands or hand over with themThings, you have to make sure you wash your hands in a timely manner.

If a sick colleague is sitting around you, not touching your face can be an effective way to protect yourself.

You should consciously cover your nose and mouth with a high lapel or scarf when you are coughing nervously.


: Window or air freshener.

  Sealed offices make it easy for cold germs and viruses to spread. Office workers’ best practice is to open windows as soon as they enter the door.

If it is a computer room away from windows, be sure to use an air freshener.

Once many people have a cold in the office, the controller of the central air conditioner must be reminded to conduct timely air circulation and cleaning, and notify the cleaning staff to strengthen disinfection and cleaning.


Wash your hands frequently.

  The best way to reduce your exposure to office germs is to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.

When a sick colleague sneezes or coughs, you may be exposed to infected droplets; if you touch your eyes, lips, or nose with your unwashed hands, you may be infected.

Researchers at the US Air Force University have also discovered that light switches and phones can also spread germs, so you should develop a good habit of washing your hands frequently.

Wash your hands before entering the office and when leaving.


If you have a cold, take time off.

  Experts say that, in fact, the biggest cause of colds is often fatigue, which leads to a decline in immunity, or a sudden alternation of cold and heat, and the body loses its resistance.
And 24 hours before you catch a cold, you have excreted a lot of bacteria that may infect other people.
When you have a cold or discomfort, you need to get sick at home and call for sick leave.

Resting may help restore health and keep colleagues from catching a cold.

Cold patients who must go to work wear a mask in the office.



  Influenza is a common disease, but its lethality is huge, and flu vaccination is a good choice.

The vaccine is not a panacea, but at least it can greatly reduce your chance of getting the flu and protect you from the powerful flu that lurks in the office.

Vaccination is not harmful to your health, a shot can protect your health.


Keep a regular life.

  Health is an important alternative to avoiding germs in the office, which means that you must live a scientific and regular life, you can’t smoke, don’t stay up late every night, insist on sleeping for 8 hours, and eat properly.

Even if these methods do not ensure enhanced immunity, they at least contribute to health.


Improving immunity is best for fitness.

  Although there are articles suggesting taking multivitamins, most experts believe that these things do not improve immunity.

If you are taking vitamin C or cold pills, you should always consult your doctor or pharmacist before they conflict with the medicine you are taking.

Scientists have proven that the best way to improve immunity is to exercise, especially outdoor exercise in autumn and winter, and insisting on it can effectively fight off the flu.