Dahua Co. (002236): Performance Express is at the upper limit of the notice and security boom is re-approved

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Dahua Co. (002236): Performance Express 合肥夜网 is at the upper limit of the notice and security boom is re-approved

The performance exceeded market expectations, and security boom repair was verified again.

The company released a quick performance report and achieved revenue of 108 in the first half of the year.

0.6 million yuan, an increase of 10 in ten years.

11%; Net profit 12.

39 ppm, an increase of 14 years.

51%, which is the upper limit of the company’s first quarterly performance forecast. This is a signal that after the Hikvision and Yushi Technology (Qianfang Technology) interim report, the security boom has been verified.

Join hands with Zhejiang Mobile to build 5G demonstration applications.

On July 23, the company signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with China Mobile Communications Group Zhejiang Co., Ltd.

The two parties will make full use of their respective resource advantages to carry out in-depth cooperation in 5G industry applications, the Internet of Things, the public market, the DICT market and basic communication services.

Based on their in-depth understanding of the market, the two parties jointly established a 5G industry application innovation laboratory, relying on Zhejiang Mobile’s advanced 5G network and the company’s video service capabilities, industry solution development capabilities, and intelligent technology innovation capabilities to jointly promote 5G + security / videoInnovative applications in vertical fields such as live broadcasting, as well as in-depth cooperation in 5G + VR, 5G + 4K / 8K, etc.

AI pedestrian re-identification refreshed the records of the three major data sets again.

The company’s AI pedestrian re-identification technology has achieved new breakthroughs in recent days after obtaining the public data set ranking in 2018 and the first large-scale pedestrian search competition in PRCV2018: on the three major international authoritative public data sets Market1501, DukeMTMC-reid and CUHK03, the keyThe index mAP reached 91.

98%, 83.

96%, 85.

72%, refreshing the best record in history and continuing to lead in the field of algorithms.

This year, the company’s AI has won multiple firsts in semantic segmentation and instance segmentation in international competitions.

The easing of the Sino-US trade war will help repair the industry’s pessimism.

Both China and the United States have publicly confirmed that the gradual integration of Sino-US economic and trade cooperation resumed in Shanghai on Tuesday, and Lighthizer and Mnuchin will once again lead a delegation to China to negotiate with the Chinese team.

The recent easing of various aspects of the Sino-US trade war has helped to curb the pessimistic recovery predicted by security leading companies.

Investment suggestion: It is currently in a relatively pessimistic period of security expectations in the market history. The company is estimated to be at a historically low level. At the same time in the second half of last year, the base was low.Driven by multiple emerging factors such as parabolic monitoring and the emergence of multiple factors, the security industry’s recovery is more certain in the second half of the year. No matter from the perspective of safety margins and resilience, leading security companies have good investment value.The EPS in 2020 will be 1.

02, 1.

31 yuan, maintain “Buy-A” investment rating, 6-month target price of 20 yuan.

Risk warning: intensified overseas trade disputes; macroeconomic downturn